George Will endorses modernist Daniels for POTUS

Discussion in 'Politics' started by church mouse guy, Jun 16, 2016.

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    George Will has written an article endorsing former Presidential candidate (2012) Mitch Daniels, who was budget director for George W. Bush, two-term Governor of Indiana, and now President of Purdue University. Daniels also was once Chief Financial Officer for pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, who were the first to successfully manufacture life-saving insulin for diabetics in the 1920s.

    George Will likes Mitch Daniels for his advocating hard work and climbing the ladder of success.

    However, there are some problems with Daniels. He himself withdrew from the 2012 campaign and said that his wife did not want him to run. The reason for that decision is that Daniels and his wife had a very messy divorce and then a re-marriage. The public accusations between them were horrific, apparently, and the court records are sealed, but it is thought that a serious presidential campaign would cause the records to be unsealed.

    Daniels, a financial and accounting genius, is not a Reagan Republican. Daniels does not believe in the third leg of the three-legged stool of Reaganism; that is, Daniels thinks that the GOP should not talk about moral issues such as abortion, same-sex "marriage," unisex washrooms, etc. He probably agrees with Trump on those issues, and indeed Indiana, perhaps because of ethanol subsidies and mandates, voted for Trump and rejected Protestant conservatism and the Regan doctrines.

    George Will disparages both political candidates and says that we need a man like Mitch Daniels.

    No, George Will, we needed a man like Ted Cruz, whom Daniels clearly dislikes. Daniels was for Kasich and then silently for Trump.

    What George Will wrote:

    The presumptive Democratic nominee is a progressive committed to government ambitious enough to iron the wrinkles of luck out of life, and to distribute equity to life’s victims, meaning to everyone. The presumptive Republican nominee is a world-class whiner (a victim of debate moderators who are meanies, and most recently of a “rigged” judicial system) who is telling Americans that they are comprehensively victimized (by wily Chinese exporters, manufacturers making Oreo cookies abroad, freeloading allies, etc.). Purdue has the president the nation needs.

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    In other words he is a liberal

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