Geraldo Schools O’Reilly

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    In another amazing Fox News moment, Geraldo Rivera explains why an alleged foiled plot in Maryland fits the M.O. and pattern of the FBI to “seduce” radicals, set them up with a bomb and push them to take action. Geraldo called the case against 21 year old Antonio Martinez a.k.a. Muhammad Hussain “bogus, absolutely bogus.”

    Geraldo boldly goes on to explain that the F.B.I. “sent in undercover people posing as radicals and they seduced this kid… the same way they seduced the kid in Newburgh, New York, the same way they seduced people at the Sears Tower.”

    Bill O’Reilly told Geraldo that his explanation was “annoying him,” going on to voice support for FBI anti-terror “stings” where radical Muslim patsies are set-up. O’Reilly, satisfied with re-enforcing the official account of the next provocation in the phony War on Terror, returned to a jovial mood and told Geraldo that he and Judge Napolitano, two Fox anchors who recently voiced doubt about WTC7, should “go camping together.” Is Geraldo coming around, or is the fraudulent War on Terror just becoming that transparent?


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