GREAT sermon on debt

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    I heard a classic today by James MacDonald ( James clearly defined the problem we have today, and differianted between consumer/materialistic debt and other types of debt. People that pay more than 30% of their salary to creditors have a debt problem out of their control. He also said that people that have medical problems, car issues and the like are in a different category of debt. For example my next door neighbor had a back surgery and will be out of work for 6-8 weeks. He was a temp and had no insurance so know does not have a job. He did some saving, but will unfortunately have to rely a little on credit cards. James MacDonald would not tell this person to cut up his credit cards, as he is not a compulsive spender, as these are the people that need to cut up their credit cards. But the vast majority of people in debt are there because of compulsive spending, and always buying what they cannot afford. Is this you? Then listen to the sermon.


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