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    [FONT=&quot]"College Democrats Embrace New LU Policy[/FONT][FONT=&quot] [/FONT] [FONT=&quot]The Associated Press reports that Liberty University and its unofficial College Democrats club have reached a compromise solution. The club will remain unofficial and will not receive school funds, but will be allowed to use the Liberty name and school facilities for unendorsed meetings and events. The school's Republican club was also relegated to unofficial status through the talks. The Lynchburg, Va.-based college reneged the College Democrats' official status last month because the club had supported pro-choice and pro-gay candidates, which Liberty officials said clashed with the university's principles. College Democrats' secretary Jan Dervish says he's satisfied with the compromise, but club president Brian Diaz announced his resignation Friday.[/FONT]" From Crosswalks enews this morning.

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