Guns and Communism

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    ...Disarming the Middle Class

    Left-wing strategists have long understood that the "bourgeois" classes oppose them. For that reason, the disarming of the "bourgeoisie" has been a longstanding project of the Left.

    This goal was clearly expressed by the socialist writer H.G. Wells in his 1934 book Experiment in Autobiography. Wells believed that mankind was moving inexorably toward a global, socialist government that he called the "new world order." He believed passionately in this movement, but he knew that many would resist it.

    Eventually, Wells predicted, "We shall find ourselves almost abruptly engaged in a new system of political issues in which the socialist world-state will be plainly and consciously lined up against the scattered vestigial sovereignties of the past."

    To ensure the success of global socialism, Wells advised that all potential pockets of resistance be disarmed. "Life is conflict and the only way to universal peace is through the defeat and obliteration of every minor organization of force," he wrote. "Carrying weapons individually or in crowds, calls for vigorous suppression on the part of the community."

    Divide and Conquer

    In a stable, middle-class society, men and women work together to provide a good home and education for their children and a secure retirement for themselves. Working as a team, they achieve a high rate of success. But in a society where men and women are locked in ideological combat, the system breaks down. Energies are consumed in power struggles, infidelities, divorce, and child-custody battles and finally in managing the parade of lovers, therapists, and angry bill-collectors who enter one’s life after divorce.

    This is bad news for the families involved but good news for the Left. After all, "worse is better" when seeking revolutionary change. Frightened, lonely, aging divorcées – or soccer moms who fear divorce, since they see it happening all around them – make far better recruits for the Left than women happily ensconced in stable, loving families.

    More to the point, angry young men deprived of a father’s discipline, bursting with hormones and unrestrained by traditional notions of courtship, marriage and "gentlemanly" conduct run wild in the streets, wreaking exactly the sort of violence, havoc and chaos that dictators need to justify their crackdowns.
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    Ask the Polish Underground how difficult it was to arm themselves against NAZI aggression
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    I don't really care. The point is a free people wouldn't have to worry about it.

    I really don't understand the gun control folks.

    Pro-gun person points to history to show the danger of a government taking away guns. Millions of innocent people are slaughtered. There are multiple examples. It never ends well.

    Anti-gun person, "well, at least the rebels were able to scrounge up guns and eventually win."

    It would be funny if it wasn't so deadly serious.

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