Handbook of Denominations

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    The 11th edition of the Handbook of Denominations in the United States is available from Abingdon Press and can be found in most Christian bookstores (around $20). The Handbook is a handy source of information about the religions "stemming from the Abrahamic-monotheistic tradition." This work was begun in 1951 by Frank S. Mead and has been continued in the last 5 or so editions by Samuel S. Hill. The present edition was revised and updated by Craig D. Atwood. Although it has a few glaring errors (Baptist Bible Fellowship, Baptist Missionary Association, and Conservative Baptist Association are placed under 'Fundamental Bible Churches' rather than 'Baptist Churches'), it is still the best all-around book for the student, layperson, and pastor who wants to become acquainted with the Christian denominations in the United States, as well as Judaism and Islam.

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