Hard to enroll in the ACA? Try UN-enrolling!

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    She originally enrolled because her high-risk policy was made illegal by the ACA. Her ACA policy cost $950, a price she wasn't thrilled with, but at least she was covered. But then Blue Cross offered a policy outside of the exchange with better benefits and lower premiums, so she opted for that and went on the healthcare.gov website with the intent of canceling her ACA policy. It looked simple: Click the "terminate" button.

    Didn't work. Hasn't ever worked, apparently. Big surprise.

    The convoluted, hoop-jumping journey she had to embark on thereafter would be funny if it wasn't for the time, effort, cost, and frustration it generated. The government actually charged her bank account the first premium, even though she had long before told the online helpdesk she wanted to cancel and they assured her that would happen. She was even told that cancellations were handled by a special department. Could she get the number?

    NO! It isn't allowed to be given out!!

    A corrupt program from a corrupt administration with a corrupt leader. What else can we expect?

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