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    To all who seek the truth through knowledge:

    I have been on the Bb for about 3 years now (I think?). I have not heard, to me remembrance, of a discussion of Hillsdale College. It is a liberal arts college in Michigan that was started by the General Baptists (I believe?). It receives no government money. Their motto is "Educating for Liberty." They were abolitionists by belief before the Civil War. They have a long tradition of demonstrated social action and justice.

    This is the college that Paul Harvey tauts on the radio. They also put out the Imprimis monthly magazine that is sent to over 1,500,000 readers. It has outstanding conservative views on politics and the economy and such. They are rife with conservative social commentary. It makes very interesting reading. I get it an recommend it to all of you. It is free!!!:thumbs:

    I would like to hear some testimonials from any alumni our there or others who have experiences with them personally in any way. This is of great interest to me and I look forward to hearing from all of you.

    Web address:


    Let me hear from you ASAP!
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    From the History page: Though established by Freewill Baptists, Hillsdale has been officially non-denominational since its inception. It was the first American college to prohibit in its charter any discrimination based on race, religion or sex...

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