History is Repeating

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    German Government Launches Investigation of Journalists for Treason

    If it were up to the Federal Attorney General and the President of the German Domestic Security Agency, two of our reporters would soon be in prison for at least two years. Today, we were officially informed about investigations against our Markus Beckedahl, Andre Meister and an unknown“ party. The accusation: Treason.

    – From Netzpolitik.org: Suspicion of Treason“: Federal Attorney General Announces Investigation Against Us In Addition To Our Sources

    Widespread outrage across Germany is erupting following the revelation that the nation’s Attorney General has launched an investigation into treason charges for two journalists working for Netzpolitik.

    The charge is treason. The crime is journalism.

    Continue . . . http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2015/07/31/history-is-repeating-german-government-launches-investigation-of-journalists-for-treason/

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