How are Needs Met?

Discussion in 'Pastoral Ministries' started by givengrace, Aug 21, 2008.

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    The church where I'm a member doesn't have deacons or Sunday School (for Adults) we have Community Groups where a part of this group is where we net each others needs. Help someone move or take meals after surgery cut the grass. Things like that. But we are going to be moving our membership to serve at another church which doesn't have Community groups but Sunday School and Deacons. I'm not familiar with this structure how are needs met?
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    I think every church has their own way of meeting needs. When someone hears of a need they often take care of it themselves, others refer it to the deacons that might act or find someone to take care of it.

    Larger churches often split the congregation up into sections with a deacon over it to care for things.

    Other churches do nothing or very little due to size, age and finances.

    Probably you would have to speak to the church you will be going to to find out how they handle things.

    Some just refer the people with needs to the social agencies in the town/city.

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