How Would You Have Voted In the Past?

Discussion in 'History Forum' started by General Mung Beans, May 19, 2012.

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    For the US (a pretty long list, so I apologize in advance). :

    1789: George Washington (No party)
    1792: George Washington (No party)
    1796: Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican)
    1800: Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican)
    1804: Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican)
    1808: Without Hindsight: James Madison (Democratic-Republican) With Hindsight: Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (Federalist)
    1812: DeWitt Clinton (Federalist)
    1816: James Monroe (Democratic-Republican)
    1820: James Monroe (Democratic-Republican)
    1824: John Quiny Adams (Democratic-Republican)
    1828: John Quincy Adams (National Republican)
    1832: Henry Clay (National Republican)
    1836: William Henry Harrison (Whig)
    1840: William Henry Harrison (Whig)
    1844: James K Polk (Democrat)
    1848: Without Hindsight: Zachary Taylor (Whig) With Hindsight: Lewis Cass (Democrat)
    1852: Winfield Scott (Democrat)
    1856: John Fremont (Republican)
    1860: Abraham Lincoln (Republican)
    1864: Abraham Lincoln (National Union)
    1868: Ulysses S Grant (Republican)
    1872: Ulysses S Grant (Republican)
    1876: Without Hindsight: Rutherford B Hayes (Republican), With Hindsight: Samuel Tilden (Democrat)
    1880: James Garfield (Republican)
    1884: Grover Cleveland (Democrat)
    1888: Benjamin Harrison (Republican)
    1892: Benjamin Harrison (Republican)
    1896: William McKinley (Republican)
    1900: William McKinley (Republican)
    1904: Theodore Roosevelt (Republican)
    1908: William Howard Taft (Republican)
    1912: Theodore Roosevelt (Republican)
    1916: Charles Evan Hughes (Republican)
    1920: James Cox (Democrat)
    1924: Calvin Coolidge (Republican)
    1928: Without Hindsight: Herbert Hoover (Republican), With Hindsight: Al Smith (Democrat)
    1932: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat)
    1936: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat)
    1940: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat)
    1944: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat)
    1948: Harry Truman (Democrat)
    1952: Dwight Eisenhower (Republican)
    1956: Dwight Eisenhower (Republican)
    1960: Richard Nixon (Republican)
    1964: Lyndon B Johnson (Democrat)
    1968: Richard Nixon (Republican)
    1972: Richard Nixon (Republican)
    1976: Gerald Ford (Republican)
    1980: Ronald Reagan (Republican)
    1984: Ronald Reagan (Republican)
    1988: George HW Bush (Republican)
    1992: George HW Bush (Republican)
    1996: Bob Dole (Republican)
    2000: George W Bush (Republican)
    2004: George W Bush (Republican)
    2008: John McCain (Republican)
    2012: Mitt Romney (Republican)
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    Jun 28, 2000
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    Seeing how things have turned out, I would have sided with the anti-federalists and opposed the Constitution.

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