Hunt, Baptist21 panel see 'perfect storm'

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    Posted on Jul 9, 2009 | by Lauren Crane LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)--According to Southern Baptist Convention President Johnny Hunt, a "perfect storm" is coming.

    As God prepares men and women to take His name to the nations, believers around the world will see a groundswell in God bringing glory to Himself, Hunt said in opening a panel discussion hosted by the website Baptist21 June 23 in Louisville, Ky.

    This surge in the Gospel message, Hunt said, is dependent not upon the Southern Baptist Convention or individual men and women, but only upon the Lord. It is God's doing that has brought to light a number of issues confronting leaders in the SBC, he said, and it will be God's doing that a mighty movement will take place. This perfect storm is coming, Hunt said, and it is up to leaders within the SBC to determine whether they will be a part of it.

    Hunt, often known for his support of young leaders in the SBC, preceded a discussion involving Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary President Daniel Akin; Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr.; Ed Stetzer, director of LifeWay Research; Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.; David Platt, pastor of the Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Ala.; and Daniel Montgomery, pastor of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Ky., which hosted the event.

    The men, speaking to a crowd of predominantly "young leaders," addressed the Great Commission resurgence, a topic that has garnered much attention within the SBC in recent months.

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