I am an "Elect"!!

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by convicted1, Jun 9, 2011.

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    I am an "Elect", I praise His name,
    He saved me, you can't expect the same.
    He died for me, I know this well,
    I am going to heaven, you are going to hell.

    I am an "Elect", how sweet that sounds,
    His love to me, it ever abounds.
    I am His, He is mine,
    His forgiveness, friend, you'll never find.

    I am an "Elect", this I know,
    I had no choice in His love He bestowed.
    He gave me salvation, no reason to gloat,
    I got this when He shoved it down my throat.

    I am an "Elect", way better than you,
    I was the wise one, you were the fool.
    He gave me His love, though I didn't want it,
    Now guess what, I'm gonna go out and flaunt it.

    I am an "Elect", I have a reason to boast,
    He saved me from hell, you'll burn just like toast.
    He gave me salvation, though I never called out His name,
    You'll die lost forever, never offered the same.

    I am an "Elect", though I did not once repent,
    He gave me grace against my will, I must relent.
    I "guess" I worshipped God, and you your Mercedes,
    I am now going to heaven, you, to burn forever in Hades.

    I am an "Elect", it's so easy to see,
    God saw something "good" in me, but not in thee.
    When I look down and in the lake see you suffer,
    I guess I will think, "Look at that poor sucker."

    Sorry friend, that you did not have a hope,
    I guess Jesus' death wasn't meant for a dope.
    I will forever dwell with Jesus the Lord,
    You will burn forever with the rest of the world.

    I am an "Elect", it is evidently plain to see,
    I was saved anyway, though I never bowed a knee.
    I thank the Lord for saving me against my will,
    When I think of it, it gives me a chill.

    I know that this will gender A LOT of heat, but when I read about "Arminian Grace", I knew that someone from the other side needed to fire back. Now, before my DoG Brethern slam me, think about how you agreed with the "Arminian Grace" song. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
  2. Tom Bryant

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    Just because either side slams the other, doesn't mean we ought to respond in kind.

    I am not a Calvinist. I thought the "Arminian Grace" thing was stupid in the extreme. I think this one is just as bad. They both deal with stereotypes that are incorrect.

    We all ought to be better than these kind of attacks
  3. BobinKy

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  4. preachinjesus

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    Well good for you. :)
  5. webdog

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    I don't think it's accurate as they sound like the caricature arguments of our view presented to us.

    Will agree with the above posters...like the other thread you mentioned, there really is no need for these kind of threads. Let light shine through, not heat.
  6. Iconoclast

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    I bet you have sang Amazing Grace a few times....that was written by one of God's elect....but does not resemble your tune.;)

    Willis my friend...are you elect of God? Do you ever refer to believers as God's elect? Are you comfortable with the biblical terminology?
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