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    I have been challenged . . . but before that, I have asked myself, Have I contributed to the edification of the Body of Christ's Own in my life-time?

    Having been faced with this challenge, I was struck with one side of the fear of God any believer would prefer not to be engaged with in spiritual battle. I feared God that I would not open my mouth to speak in His Holy Presence. I fear at any time to speak being the mortal and the sinner that I am.

    But Christ is my consolation and my motivation and inspiration to speak out before men and "give reason for the faith that in me is" BY HIS GRACE. I shall not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because it at the same time it is the most humbling power of God, "is the power of God TO SAVE" ---save in any situation, under any circumstance, and in the face of any and all danger. "Here I stand, so help me God, I cannot do otherwise." (Luther)

    Now I am no Luther. Rather, I think I would hide behind the peasants I am one among. Nevertheless, I love my dog most when she turns over onto her back and begs me to show her a little love. Even if I kicked her, she would not run, but stay inviting recognition ... I'm here for you, my oubaas se honne.

    Therefore I may honestly say I think I did contribute. Not directly to the Body of Believers the Church of which Jesus Christ is given as Head, but (I am convinced), indirectly, having discovered hidden recipes for "Feast-of-Christ-the-Substance and Nourishment ministered".

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