I Heard the Bell on Turkey Day

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    The dinner bell on Turkey Day—
    It’s time to eat, so—quick!—let’s pray,
    Then fill our plate, and up our weight.
    We’ll spare no fat and spill no sauce.

    With light or dark meat—one or both—
    We’ll sense our bellies’ sated growth.
    And cornbread dressing, what a blessing—
    Spare no broth and spill no sauce.

    There’s mashed potatoes, candied yams;
    For non-bird eaters, there’s a ham;
    Green beans and corn and rolls adorn
    The cloth on which we spill no sauce.

    The giblets of the bird are made
    Into the gravy, once they’re flayed.
    Boiled eggs are sliced, then later spiced,
    To round the feast as we spill no sauce.

    Then even though we’d such an eye,
    We can’t resist the pumpkin pie,
    Topped with whipped cream; but now we dream--
    We’re fast asleep and we spill the sauce!

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