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Discussion in 'Calvinism/Arminianism Debate' started by Skandelon, Sep 28, 2013.

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    This is also referred to as "the effectual calling," and claims that God uses an inward irresistible regenerative working in the lives of those he has elected before the world began, to make them have new desires (a new heart); thus making them want to believe and repent unto salvation. This assures that all who are elected will certainly be saved.

    Yet, the scriptures teach that the Holy Spirit is resisted, that God does desire all people to come to repentance and that God has sent an appeal for reconciliation to all.

    Can God's appeal to be reconciled through faith and repentance be genuine if He has already decreed who will and will not have the ability to respond to that appeal?

    What say you?
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    Mar 4, 2011
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    Irresistible grace, the gift of faith, regeneration before faith, effectual call, are all names used for the Calvinist doctrine that only if a lost person is supernaturally altered, can they respond appropriately to the external call of the gospel. So the underlying premise is that the lost have no ability to hear the gospel, understand the gospel, and receive the gospel, and no desire to seek God or trust in Christ.

    However, the Bible teaches that fallen men, at least some fallen men, have the ability to seek God and receive the gospel. Jesus taught this truth in Matthew 13: 1-23. Thus the underlying premise of irresistible grace is mistaken, as is the premise itself.

    God's revelatory grace, the milk of the gospel of Christ, can be understood by some men, i.e. three of the four soils, and either be rejected or received to some degree. And if God credits that faith as righteousness, then God puts the individual spiritually in Christ.

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