If a name was on the list:

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    From another thread: (quote is in its entirety)

    Suppose a person was on this list:

    A) Was a member of your church
    B) Was the unsaved - non-attending spouse of a member of your church.

    1) what would be your initial reaction
    2) what action would you take
    3) what counsel would you give the spouse and the individual himself.
  2. Deacon

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    Soooo.... have you looked?

    I wouldn't know were to find the list and it doesn't interest me enough to try and find it.

    Would it be in a pastor's interest to look into the matter? ... I think not!

    It's just none of my business either!

  3. Scarlett O.

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    I have no desire to see the list. The whole thing just sickens me so.

    For the sake of argument, suppose I did peruse the list and found someone I knew there. [And while I haven't look at the list, there is more on there than just names. The details of their accounts are public - "interests" they list, monetary amounts paid, and more.] Would I tell?

    I have found in this life that most of the things I have "found out" about people aren't mine TO tell. I would WANT to tell the offended parties and family as they need to know, but I would not.

    Not everything we know needs to be exposed by us personally.

    Our knowledge of the offenses of other doesn't always mean that we also possess the responsibility to expose those offenses. In fact, the better one is in keeping his or her mouth shut about their knowledge of sins of others, the more effective they are TO counsel, lead, pray with, and guide.

    If someone is danger, then yes, expose evil. Otherwise, if we are not personally involved and it is not immediate family - it is ours to keep silent.
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