If Deciding on Issues Rather than Personalities.

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Are these 3 issues more important than focusing on personal conflicts?

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    Personality aside (As I’m not voting for the most “honest politician” - (an oxymoron by today’s standards) -

    …or the candidate who has used the most “self-control” - (obviously a value that lacks any respect in today’s political format) -

    during our Roman Colosseum circus mentality debates wherein the public, media and low and behold even many of the BB pundits seem to merely typically resort to focusing on the personal conflicts rather than the issues.)

    - here are 3 of the most important issues concerning the candidates that “we” (those who see the collapse of our country and a dire need for drastic change) are left with:

    1st, Who is more likely to oppose the ruling class that is ruining this country?

    2nd, We need to look at who is available.

    3rd, We have to work with what we have.
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