If invited to speak - Part II

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by Salty, Dec 30, 2010.

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    I was overwhelmed at the number of response to "Part I" for if you would sign the statement

    On this thread, I want to focus on certain questions: (Note: I am not reposting the question in full - just the gist of it)

    5A ask for $ form pulpit or privately?
    5B ask to sign up for mailing list
    (newsletters to be sent only to church)
    ( suppose the missionary only does email?)
    5D overemphasizing social agcys
    ( I supposed they would not permit someone from a Right to Life Group to speak)
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    See, I think rather than asking those questions on a form, the pastor could just tell the guest speaker a few church preferences in private conversation. For example, he could just say, "In our church we don't ask for money/support from the pulpit, or mention addresses for a prayer newsletter."

    Even a short list of guidelines would seem more appropriate than the questions on a form. So, if a man checks "yes" he mentions to prayerfully consider him for support, the church just doesn't let him come speak? It could be easily handled another way without chucking the guest speaker completely.

    I think what bothers me about this list is that is reduces the speaker from a brother in Christ to an applicant who conforms (or not) to a particular list. Getting to know people is so much better than treating them like a number, which this form seems to do.

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