Illegal heckler???

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Illegal heckler ... was this responsible on Obama's part?

  1. No, it should never have happened .....Yes,

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  2. Yes. I have no problem with an undocumented alien being invited to the WH ....

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  3. This decision should result in his impeachment ....

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  4. I didn't appreciate LGBT's being thete more than an illegal ...

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  5. No real opinion ....

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  6. No one really cares what this guy does.

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    According to NBC news affiliate, the transgender heckler at Obama's LGBT gathering in the WH last week, she/he was an undocumented/illegal alien for South America.

    I am not questioning this presidents decision to invite the LGBT's to the WH, because it is the peopke's house .... what I question is the fact that everyone invited is vetted for security reasons, and this person is here illegally.

    A president (IMHO) with a sense of mission and living up to the oath of his office, would never have had an illegal in the WH in the first place, and more importantly, this person should have been deported upon entering the WH grounds.

    Once again, this POTUS shows another reason for his being impeached.

    Let me ask a few questions, and hear your response? See poll, or leave comment, or both. :smilewinkgrin:

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