Important New Hominid Fossil Described

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    The journal Nature this week published a description of several new fossils from the raod to humanity.

    The fossils are of Australopithecus anamensis. My understanding is this. Fossils of this species had been known before but these are new, in a slightly new area and are well dated. They expand the known range of the species in terms of morphology as well as geographic and temporal. They also highlight a critical time, the evolution of Australopithecus from Ardipithecus. Specifically, they are intermediate between Ar. ramidus and Au. afarensis.

    But you do not have to depend on my impressions. Nature was kind enough to put the full text online for us.

    And from the press...


    And the abstract

    "Asa Issie, Aramis and the origin of Australopithecus," White et al., Nature 440, 883-889 (13 April 2006)

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