income tax vs sales tax

Discussion in 'Politics' started by billwald, Dec 8, 2009.

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    Jun 28, 2000
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    From another thread:

    >What we need is to replace the income tax with a sales tax.

    Compare Washington and Oregon. These states are VERY close in size, climate, geographical stuff, population, natural resources. Being on the south, Oregon should have an edge west of the Cascades for growing veggie crops. The biggest difference is that Oregon has a state income tax but WA has a state sales tax, no income tax. The economy of Oregon is historically way below WA. Compare Seattle and Portland (two great cities to live in). Seattle employment hasn't been greatly effected by the latest depression but Portland is in deep do-do.
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    You should take into consideration we have idiots for governors that pass laws that kill business. Besides income tax the taxes and fees for everything under the sun make OR a miserable place to live.

    They want to add a sales tax so they can spend more. They've sent it to the voters I think ten times with no luck in passing it.

    Their sales pitch is that we are one of the few states that do not have sales tax so we should want one. HOWEVER it would of course be on top of all the present taxes, not in place of any.

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