Interesting analysis: presidential candidates in "debate" as primates

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    "But in spite of some aggressive cues and a more heated performance by President Barack Obama, both men portrayed few nonverbal cues to their emotions, said David Givens, director of the private, nonprofit Center for Nonverbal Studies in Spokane, Wash.

    " "It's almost as if they had learned to control their body movements and facial expressions and what not from [news] coverage that has been out there," Givens said. "Both did a very good job on that, on masking their feelings."

    "He noted that Obama did on a few occasions smile, which in this context could be a sign of condescension, that Obama thought something Romney said was ridiculous. Romney swallowed visibly, a sign of embarrassment, emotional anxiety or stress. Unlike Obama's, Romney's smile appeared scripted, like something he had learned to do, rather than a heartfelt impression, Givens said."

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