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    "Lost in all of this is the one demonstrable trend that is noticeable and that affects us all—that as the number of laws and the number of peaceful activities that are regulated increase, the more these kinds of incidents take place. In the Garner case, if there were no arbitrary law against engaging in peaceful commerce without giving the state a cut, Garner would never have been confronted, would never have resisted and would never have been choked to death."

    "This is why Yale Law School professor Stephen Carter, as reported by the Washington Post, believes that we should “never support a law (we) are not willing to kill to enforce.”

    "This is the great lost point in all of the current hubbub. Are there instances in police brutality? Absolutely. Are there instances where the alleged victims of police brutality are themselves dangerous criminals? Absolutely. What is undeniable is that many more Americans are finding themselves to be non-violent criminals because of an ever-increasing array of laws banning peaceful activity."
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    "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

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