Is California in the Midst of Another Witch Hunt?

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    WARNING: Some of the referrenced material/articles are graphic!'s been close to thirty years since California was in the middle of the biggest molestation scandal at a state sanctioned pre-school ( ). Now the city school district, and the state, seem to be embroiled in the midst of another growing molestation case, however this time it's at a state-sanctioned elementary school.

    With the allegations continuing to unfold, seemingly by the minute, regarding the teachers and possibly staff at Miramonte Elementry School in South Los Angeles (, is this going to be another McMartin Preschool witch hunt?

    More importantly, is history about to repeat itself??

    The questions seem to be eerily similar to the McMartin Preschool case. And as the victims and witnesses come forth, it sure looks like someone was asleep behind the wheel, and the evidence appears to have been swept under the carpets in the classrooms at this school.

    This is a scary scenario for parents everywhere, and I was wondering what those of you in other's part of the state and country think about the charges and how this could have been prevented, and the children could've been better protected???

    Additional reading on the McMartin Case:
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