Is our status quo stuck on Gullible or will Christians take a Real Stand?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by windcatcher, Nov 19, 2007.

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    (Pray would a moderator please help me correct the url addresses as I'm not familiar with the posting of these......and thanks.)

    [HTML=]We Need an American President[/HTML]

    and here:

    Did the Religious Right Die With Fallwell

    There is much interesting commentary regarding politics and its influence upon us as Christians as well as citizens: And our responsibility as citizens and Christians to choose while we still have a choice. Many other articles besides these two are at this site. I hope some who cruise this thread find themselves enlightened, enbolden, and encourage. I know God is sovereign and His will will be done. I just pray he will keep all His children as children of light, seeing and understanding and standing firm in the faith and standing for His rigtheousness against the darkness of this age; and help us to encourage one another in taking seriously the choices we will soon be making: and give us love and acceptance within the brethern though our choices may be different.

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