Jeff Sessions: Rubio Rewriting History, Gang of Eight Bill Nearly Became Law Until Cantor Lost Race

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    Contrary to Rubio’s stunning claim that his Senate-passed plan was “not headed towards becoming law,” Sessions says that Rubio’s amnesty plan “was on the verge of being passed…[Paul] Ryan had the votes to get it passed.”

    “It was scary to me,” Sessions said of the bill’s prospects to becoming law. “It was a near-run thing.”

    Indeed, the bill passed the Senate with 68 votes–one more than is required to enact a treaty under the U.S. constitution–after Marco Rubio blanketed the airwaves to promote the La-Raza backed measure.

    The Gang of Eight had been in a drive to get as many votes as possible in the Senate in an effort to bolster its chances in the House. As The Hill reported at the time, “

    (D-N.Y.) and other members of the gang are pushing for 70 votes to give it maximum political momentum out of the upper chamber.”

    Indeed, Sessions said the Gang of Eight and the special interests who championed the bill “had real momentum.”

    However, in recent days, Marco Rubio has adopted a new talking point to defend his central role in passing the Gang of Eight amnesty bill through the Senate. Namely, Rubioclaims that he never wanted the Obama-backed bill, which he co-authored and ushered through the Senate, to become law.

    As Phyllis Schlafly, Mark Krikorian, Mickey Kaus and others have all documented, Rubio made a variety of sensational claims– all proven false— to get the bill passed in the Senate.

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