Keep You Eye on Occupy LA....

Discussion in 'News / Current Events' started by righteousdude2, Nov 28, 2011.

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    The next 24 hours will be interesting to say the least. As the crowds continue to grow, so does the anticipation and anxiety as to what law enforcement will do to implement the Mayors order for the occupiers to evacuate their seven-week old encampment!

    The sabre rattling on both sides, is growing, and so are the numbers of media groups covering this event!

    There has not been this much tension in this area of California since the Watts riots in the Summer of 1965.

    Let's pray both sides handle themselves in a peaceful, respectful manner.

    Personally speaking! It is past time for these people to return the public property to the public and go back to whatever they were doing seven weeks ago. This may well be the "straw-that-breaks-the-camels-back!" :type:
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    If they are breaking any laws they need to be removed. If not they need to be left alone. The question is if they are breaking some law why were they allowed to set up tents in the first place?

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