Law change needed to stop tour

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Ben W, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Law change needed to stop tour

    Jul 16, 2005

    The Foreign Minister Phil Goff says the International Cricket Council has confirmed that New Zealand law would need to be changed to make the Black Caps tour of Zimbabwe illegal. 

    Representatives of the ICC met the New Zealand High Commissioner in London Jonathan Hunt and his deputy overnight and were told it would take a law change  to allow New Zealand Cricket to escape millions of dollars in penalties. 

    Goff says the ICC's response was expected but it's disappointing it wont agree to the tour being called off. 

    He says the government wont rush through a law to ban the tour and the only thing that could stop it now are safety issues in Zimbabwe.

    Meanwhile, protestors have converged on central Auckland to march with former cricketer Henry Olonga and Judith Todd against the Black Caps touring Zimbabwe.

    One teenage protestor says, "It's disgusting that New Zealand should in any way be supporting an horrific regime."

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