LCS Preschool's Phase 2 Groundbreaking

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    This morning my church's Christian school's preschool had its groundbreaking for Phase 2 of its preschool facilities!

    Some of you may recall that our preschool facilities were destroyed in last May's flooding in the Nashville area.

    By a series of miracles directed by God Himself, we were able to have Phase 1 of our preschool facilities re-built through the means of many people and organizations both locally and elsewhere.

    However, we still have been housing our 2 - 3 YOs in the facilities of Antioch First Baptist Church. They have been so gracious in allowing us to do so, but their facilities did not meet many of the local fire/building codes to continue to house an actual preschool function.

    God has been intervening all along the way to make it possible for Phase 2 to exist so that these precious children will someday soon have their own facilility adjoining the Phase 1 buildings!

    Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!

    For details click on the LCS link under Ministries at
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    PTL! Christian school are need in these particular days!

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