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Discussion in 'News / Current Events' started by Scarlett O., Jul 1, 2014.

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    [Why can't I post on CTB's thread? I keep getting a 404 warning.]

    Yes, Hobby Lobby provides medical coverage for men's sexual dysfunctions. They also provide coverage for women's sexual dysfunction issues caused by menopause, hysterectomies, cancers, diabetes and more. Men get their meds paid for and women get their hormonal gels, creams, inserts, injections, and more paid for. Sexual dysfunction health coverage is equally supported for both genders.The men's meds are probably in the fore front of people's minds because they receive tremendous commercial attention.

    Birth control medical coverage is paid for by Hobby Lobby with no qualms.

    Women can get three different kinds of birth control pills paid for (a cocktail of hormones that works best for them), a variety of spermicides, sponges, inserts, diaphragms, cervical caps, injections, implanted rods, surgical sterilization, and patches.

    Among these listed are a host of choices MUCH cheaper than IUD's and much less invasive.

    Women have a plethora of choices in birth control when it comes to Hobby Lobby's medical coverage - and as I understand from what I've read - there is no co-pay with HL's coverage.

    Hobby Lobby has only asked for the morning after pill (which is intended to prevent fertilization but rarely can prevent implantation) and IUD's which are spermicides that also occasionally can prevent implantation - to be removed from the list of medical coverages that they will pay for.

    Both the morning after pill and IUD’s were and are issued to prevent the egg and sperm from uniting, but unfortunately both can also prevent implantation and that is unacceptable to some people.

    The abortion pill is something created strictly to DETACH the embryo from the wall of the uterus.

    NOTE: This mindset that women's birth control is only for sexuality promiscuity is nonsense.

    Lot's of MARRIED women take these pills and lots of unmarried, but monogamous women take these pills.

    I've been on birth control (various kinds) twice in my life to control terrible female issues. Some very serious female issues if not controlled with birth control can lead to anemia, an inability to get pregnant when off the meds, and more.
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    This might be the reason.
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    Scarlett O.--thanks for the sensible post. A woman's perspective and knowledge is really needed on this topic.
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    I take hormonal meds for an issue. These particular meds aren't birth control, but to my understanding some birth controls can be used to treat the same thing, or at least a related issue.

    Aside from the case of medical health related uses, I just don't think the state nor federal government should pay for someone's birth control, married or not. Private medical coverage is another matter, just leave tax payer dollars out of it is all I'm saying.

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