Lord's Emphasis on Marriage

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    Dec 27, 2003
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    I know this is a "HOT" topic, but do we realize just how much emphasis on the marital institution God places on it?

    I preach a lot on the home and the marital aspects from the Lord's point of view.(As if you couldn't tell I preach alot by my posts) :D [​IMG]

    Jeremiah 3 deals with the aspects of the negative, but that doesn't stop there or end in the negative as so many presume, but also offers the positive.

    One almost cannot discuss marriage this day without also discussing divorce, but if we look at the passage in the light of Isaiah 62, we can see the way of the Lord is not the ways of men.

    Isaiah 55 gives us the evidence we need to correct our dillusive views about divorce, especially since the Lord emphasizes marriage, and discourages divorce.

    Many get all caught up in their emotions regarding divorce, but can we take the time to leave the issue alone and simply discuss the marriage covenant? I believe if we do, others might see the truth concerning divorce.

    You know, I see where Adam and Eve were joined as one flesh, and we should learn they two went through things never experienced by married couples before, uh, they were the first.

    Thank You for leaving your emotional outbursts aside.

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