LSU/Alabama rematch??

Discussion in 'Sports' started by blackbird, Nov 14, 2011.

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    There are a lot of Bama fans who want a Tiger/Tide "rematch" ---- preferrably as the 2011 National Championship

    I'm a Tiger fan and just don't see it happening this year

    LSU has still got to slip by Ole Miss & Arkansas to play the East contender(at this point in the junction looks like Georgia

    IF LSU remains unbeaten against Ole Miss and "The Pigs" and wins the SEC title against "The Dawgs" its quiet obvious they will play in the National Title game

    against(it looks so far)

    Oklahoma State----if they can hold on to their undefeated position through the remainder of their schedule

    But regardless----I don't see a rematch of LSU/Alabama

    Even if Oklahoma State winds up with a one loss season---I still say the BCS computer will select them to play LSU----IF LSU remains undefeated

    Anyway you put it---the air remains foggy at this point for BCS matchmakers---except I believe the matchmakers do not want a LSU/Alabama game

    1. IF LSU remains undefeated

    2. IF Oklahoma St remains undefeated

    3. And Alabama is carrying that dreaded 1 in the LOSS bracket

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