March is Celtic Celebration Month

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    I have just looked at the March calendar & we have some events coming up. 1st is St. David's Day (March 1st), patron of Welsh Christianity & as family folklore goes, we are named after him & he is kin as well. I generally buy daffodils for my lovely wife & put currents in my corn flakes----big deal right!

    Ahhhh and then, St. Patrick's Day --falls on March 17th but our big parade day is March 9th (see attachment). Im not Irish but lots of family (cousins Michael, Brian, Donna, Patrick, Melissa, Brendan, Sean, Eirnin, Furgus, Lorcan, Conlaoch, Hew, Ruari, Deidre, Doug, Christopher & Aileen) will be there to buy me Guinness Stout with my butter cookies (at 7:30AM in the bloody morning)....they are a wild breed & fun to be with! :laugh:

    Anything going on by you worth mentioning? :D
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