McCain really Likes Joe Lieiberman the behind the scenes

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    Apr 7, 2007
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    I think John McCain wants Joe Lieberman he likes him personally and feels they work well together in other words he is comfortable with him, but there is a movement behind the scenes to undercut McCain's likable pick.

    Karl Rove makes that call to Joe Lieberman

    Robert Novak just so happens to come out of retirement to write a confusing piece that is then denied by Joe Lieberman.

    Liebermanworld pushes back HARD on Novak report

    A report out today that Joe Lieberman warned John McCain against selecting him to be on the GOP ticket is "totally and absolutely false," according to a Lieberman source who contacted Politico.

    Columnist Robert Novak wrote that the prospect of Lieberman on the ticket is real, but that McCain and some his top backers know it would be politically unrealistic.

    "And this has been made clear to McCain by none other than Joe Lieberman himself," writes Novak.

    Not so, says a Lieberman source, stating categorically that the Connecticut senator has not contacted his Arizona colleague to say any such thing.

    I think whom will prevail though despite McCain's like and comfort with Joe Lieberman will be Mitt Romney even with all the religious and real estate baggage.

    Also the two do not like each other, which was obvious in the campaign with Romney trying to buy the nomination outright and McCain over coming that.

    but see for yourself the look on McCain's face and compare that with the time he is with Joe Lieberman.


    so the question offered up to the board is this, should you pick someone you like and feel comfortable with or pick someone you don't like as much;) for political expediency.

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