MDiv Fully Online Nazarene University?

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    To whom it may concern:

    There is a Master of Divinity degree, fully online, accredited, and I believe only 75 credit hours.

    Questions are:

    1. Would a Baptist want to do an advanced or professional degree from "outside the Baptist camp?" I did and was glad. Some of my best learning was done from this perspective. It made me a "better Baptist" in some ways and on some levels.

    2. It is a bit pricey. But, the trade-off with an online degree is that the adult learner does not have to move his family, quit jobs, and "go for broke" like some of us had to do. This, let me tell you first hand, can be very stressful on family relations to say the least!!

    Let me hear your feedback when you can. I am interested in your opinions. It is probably a good program but is more in the Wesleyan tradition that some would want?

    "That is all!" :thumbs:

    Edit, PS: They also have MA degrees in the same specialties as the MDiv specialties that are only 33 credit hours-also all online!! Good to know.
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    Wesley Seminary

    Another seminary for consideration would be Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University. It also is a 75hr MDiv, but its tuition per credit hour for pastors is more reasonable and competitive with Liberty at $271.00 or $381.00 for nonpastors. Wesleyan pastors get an even better discount.

    I have to admit that, as a Baptist (even Reformed Baptist), I have considered Wesley. First, because my undergraduate work was done at a Baptist institution and I majored in Religion. Second, it is 75hrs, rather than the traditional 90hrs (appealing for those whose undergrad is in Bible/Religion). Third, it has, I believe, 15 hrs of electives - one could do Biblical languages or CPE. for thought.
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    Their website must be down
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    As a minister who is responsible for hiring for a multiple position Baptist church I would be less likely to consider a student with an MDiv from a Nazarene seminary over a Baptist seminary.

    The online model definitely provides some benefits but I wonder if the comfortability is a trade off for commitment to calling. There is something terrifically powerful about having to get up from your rooted place and move to a campus to specifically pursue your passion that enables your future ministry. Just a thought. :)

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