Michael Save and the Amish

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    Nationally syndicated Michael Savage is on the warpath.

    Recently 15 Amish were sent to prison for a hate crime - cutting the beards of other Amish members.

    First - Savage does not pronounced "Amish" correctly - at least the preferred way

    Second, he states - that cutting a beard is no big deal. Well, to the Amish men must grow their beards, in accordance with Biblical law.

    Third - he states Obama is pushing this as a test to see how he can force smaller religions to bow to the government.

    Fourth, he states that the govt is causing additional harm as most of the people are in prisons hundreds of miles away from each other, thus causing hardship on the relatives who want to visit more than one prisoner (the convicted should thought of that before the crime). Savage goes on say that since the Amish do not drive or takes planes - it will be nearly impossible to see spouses.

    Fifth - Savage states that someone in the AG office should face a hate crime for what they did to the Amish.

    He does also say that 15 years is too long of a sentence. I somewhat agree with him on that.
    However, will he be eligible for parole in 5 years?


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