Michigan Union Thug Attacking A Non-Unionist

Discussion in 'News / Current Events' started by pinoybaptist, Dec 11, 2012.

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    I've joined unions before. They're parasites. Feed off your dues. Last June I applied for a job at an airline here in Virginia. Been out of work for a while, glad to have one even if it pays only $9.76/hour ANY SHIFT, no differential, IN 2012 when gas was near $4.00/gallon.
    Until I learned during the final interview that I will need to shell out nearly $30.00 PER PAYCHECK for union dues.
    I'm like, what ?
    There's a union, and for that stupid ridiculously large amount that members are paying them, all they could negotiate for their members are $9.76 an hour, ANY SHIFT, with no differentials for overnight work ?
    Yeah, that, PLUS they're the ones who say if you may or may not request for transfer to another airport, or another city, or another state, depending on union vacancy, and whether your supervisor may now move you from midnight shift to morning hours WHETHER OR NOT your performance reviews are good to excellent ?
    heck, forget about it.
    I know a company's pet union when I see one.
    I've gotten used to unemployment.
    God has sustained us through it all, and I am not going to work in any job that has union in it.
    No, sir.
    God is all the union I need.

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