Mimetic Theory 101

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    Mimetic Theory

    Anyone have interests in Mimetic Theory? It's a theory of anthropology. Our anthropology already serves as a hermeneutic lense to some degree. Mimetic Theory seems to frame the human story of the incarnation, death and resurrection in a way that makes sense to me.

    The three basic premises of Mimetic Theory are:
    1) Desire is mimetic.
    2) This creates conflict in the community.
    3) A scapegoat mechanism is enacted which resolves the conflict, at least temporarily, and so the cycle continues.

    And such is the story of mankind from the beginning. So, Jesus entered into our anthropological history and showed us a better way and overcame/outsmarted Satan and our way of dealing with conflict. He was a substitute, THE substitute "we" required in our attempt to resolve conflict (it worked for all powerful parties involved, right? (The Roman govt, sanhedrin, Judas, Pilate)

    What do you think?

    Mimetic Theory 101 video series http://ow.ly/zI6Vq

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