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    I buy foreclosed homes from banks. After seeing the devestation of Katrina and Rita, and the lives that have been destroyed, I had an idea but do not know who to go to, or how to go about implementing it.

    For instance, my most recent purchase was from a bank for $153k. The market value in the area is between $190 - $215k in the Cleveland, Ohio area, just minutes from beautiful Lake Erie.

    What I was thinking, somehow track down and find a family / families who has had their home destroyed and lost everything, and seeing if they would be willing to "start over" in northeast Ohio. I would sell the house $25k under market value so the family could tap into the instant $25k equity on the home to use to get back on their feet while they find employment here.

    It will take years to rebuild the south, and there would be plenty more opportunities similar to this, not only where I live, but throughout the country. With the interest rates on the rise, and so many people locked into interest only and ARM's, the foreclosure / short sale business will be increasing in the coming years.

    I would use this for a witnessing tool additionally, if the buyer is not a believer.

    How can I get this "out there", and who can / should I contact? Red Cross? FEMA? I contacted the NAMB (north american mission board), and they said this was a first, and had no idea who to forward this info to. If you f

    If you feel more comfortable PM'ing me, feel free. Thanks in advance.

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