More Trump Misdirection (Or if you like....Lying)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by InTheLight, Apr 5, 2016.

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    On Sunday Trump called on John Kasich to drop out of the race.

    MILWAUKEE — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Sunday called on Ohio Gov. John Kasich to drop out of the GOP nominating contest, accusing him of siphoning away potential Trump voters and telling reporters that he expressed his displeasure while meeting with Republican National Committee officials last week.
    “Because he’s taking my votes. He’s not taking Cruz’s votes. He’s taking my votes,” Trump said.

    Whoa, wait a minute. What does the data actually say? Where would Kasich voters go if he dropped out?

    A clue is in a recent poll that asked the question: "Who is your second choice for the GOP presidential candidate?" In other words, if you weren't voting for your favored candidate, who would you vote for? Here are the results:

    Trump 11%
    Kasich 30%
    Cruz 32%

    Clearly Ted Cruz is getting the most "second choice" votes. In other words, if someone is voting for Cruz or Kasich, only 11% of them would consider Trump as their next choice. Conversely, if Trump or Kasich voters were to pick their second choice, 32% of them would go to Cruz. This is another proof that Trump's support has peaked.
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    He sounds like a petulant little child.[​IMG]

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