Mosheim On The Anabaptists

Discussion in 'Baptist History' started by Mark Osgatharp, Aug 11, 2003.

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    Here is a quote about the Anbaptists from Mosheim's history which I've never seen cited in any other works, but which has a great bearing on one's assessment of Anabaptist history. It is buried in a footnote on page 490 of the 1855 addition published by the Applegate & Company of Cincinnati.

    "In a more especial manner are the ancient Flemish Anabaptists entitled to this denomination; for they not only re-baptize the children that had been already baptized in other churches, but even observed the same method with respect to persons who had reached the years of reason and discretion; and, what is still more remarkable, the different sects of Anabaptists deal in the same manner one with another; each sect rebaptizes the persons that enter into it's communion, although they have already received that sacrament in another sect of the same denomination; and the reason of this conduct is, that each sect considers its baptism alone as pure and valid."

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