My Monday Morning Blessing

Discussion in 'General Baptist Discussions' started by HAMel, Nov 16, 2011.

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    I had not been feeling very well the past couple of weeks and by last Friday wasn't hitting on but two of my usual eight cylinders. So, I reported to the ER.

    Wham bam alakazam I was in the back of an Ambulance heading to the Heart Center in Greenville, NC.

    Monday morning I was laying on this "metal table" in the basement of the hospital otherwise referred to as "the freezer". Forty five minutes later my blockage had been taken care of by a stent. A neat little gadget that thing is, for sure. I can now make it to the mail box and back almost in the same breath and can feel my strength coming back.

    The doctor let me know that I was about three eights an inch from having the big one! The blockage was such that had I indeed had the big one I probably would not have survived. It was that bad.

    Hey folks..., if you have any age on you and notice that you're starting to lose some steam..., have yourself checked out.

    When the stent goes in you don't even feel it and you're on your way home the next day.

    ...thank you Lord for your Monday Morning Blessing.
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    Praise the Lord for everything working out.

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