N.C. Sen. Kay Hagan Campaign Workers Caught on Video Telling Illegal Aliens to VOTE

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    “Voter fraud does not exist.”

    That has been the Democrat’s Orwellian mantra for years, in a cynical attempt to defeat any and all photo ID laws.

    But as Top Right News has reported multiple times, Democrats commit massive organized voter fraud across the nation every election cycle. With illegal aliens, felons, even dead people. They just don’t usually get caught.

    Well they just did — on video.

    Intrepid investigative reporter James O’Keefe sent a team to North Carolina’s hotly-contested Senate race — the most expensive in the nation — and found blatant efforts by workers for Democrat Senate Candidate Kay Hagan to encourage illegal aliens to vote — a “Class 1 felony.”

    Even a worker for a Democrat candidate for Sheriff was caught encouraging fraud.


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