Naaa....Iran is no threat to the US

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    Sixteen foreign nationals and corporations have been indicted on charges of illegally exporting potential military and explosives components to Iran, FOX News has learned.

    A federal grand jury in Miami returned the 13-count indictment on Sept. 11 and unsealed it on Wednesday. Included in the charges are conspiracy, violations of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the United States Iran Embargo, and making false statements to federal agencies in connection with the export of thousands of U.S. goods to Iran.

    The defendants are also charged with purchasing and exporting U.S. goods to Iran through "middle countries," including the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, England, Germany and Singapore.

    All of the items identified in the charges have potential military applications, including as components in the construction of improvised explosive devices, or IEDs.

    IEDs have increasingly become a source of danger for U.S. and allied troops abroad. The number of deaths from IEDs has increased steadily since the war in Iraq began, and the Pentagon has struggled to find a way to contain the threat in Middle East conflicts.

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