Nearly Half US's Meat Contaminated

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    A new study estimates almost half of the meat and poultry sold at stores in the U.S. is tainted with a type of bacteria that could be harmful to humans.

    Researchers tested 136 packages of different kinds of meat and found that 47 percent contained Staphylococcus aureus. The bacteria is linked to several human diseases.

    "I was surprised to see the percentage found; it's quite high I thought," said Dr. Gabriela Bowman, a microbiologist and professor at Texas A&M Health Center in Houston.

    According to researchers, the livestock may be to blame rather than contamination during processing or packging. There are two ways for people need to protect themselves, Bowman said.

    "The two main points are: wash your hands to avoid cross-contamination in your kitchen and cook your meat well," she said. "You will (reduce) your risk greatly. You can get sick if you have a cut and you handle the meat and you don't wash your hands properly (afterward)."

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