New Review: Love...Becomes Heresy

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    ...In this engaging and easy read, Mr. Snow argues that today’s Christians want love without obedience, prayer without exhortation, and forgiveness without repentance – concepts the Bible inextricably intertwines. When it comes to love, for instance, Christians have combined a biblically anemic notion of love with ideas drawn from pop psychology and philosophy. At the same time, they have divorced love from the biblical commands of obedience. As a result, any rebuking or church discipline of unrepentant sinners is characterized as Unloving and Negative. Yet, Being Nice and “winking at sin” is not being loving at all, as Mr. Snow correctly notes: “We do not truly love people when we will not confront them” (p. 28), and

    Just as Paul could not, Christians who love cannot remain silent when face to face with fellow believers who are departing from the narrow way. Though Scripture mandates that we speak up, this imperative sounds off-key to generations that have allowed the faceless Zeitgeist to explain away God’s word through today’s fads (page 30)....

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