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    [​IMG] Duong Thyu Huong was one of forty young North Vietnamese send to join the war in South Vietnam. Of the forty who left only three, she and two others returned. Though this is classified as a novel I expect it is somewhat autobiographical. The story's main character is a young man, Quan. The story deals primarily with his feelings as he is given leave to return to his home village and then returns to his unit. As Huong shows his feelings could well describe those of soldiers in any army. There is no propaganda in this honest book of the feeling of soldiers engaged in a war.

    Huong lives in North Vietnam. Upon returning home from the war she worked for reform and to bring about democracy in North Vietnam. She was expelled from the Communist Party and sentenced to jail. She has written several books, all of which are banned in North Vietnam.

    I found this a very interesting read.

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