nVidia's NV30: twice as fast as Geforce 4!!

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    "DAVID KIRK, Nvidia's chief technical officer, unveiled details of the NV30 - to be launched at Comdex later this month - to a thrilled audience in Korea some 48 hours or so ago.

    Nvidia claimed its NV30 chip will be twice as fast as the Geforce 4.

    It confirms it will have 125 million transistors, and the chip will be able to render 100 dinosaurs from Jurassic Park at 100 frames per second.

    The focus of chip marketing for this product is surely going to be as a cinematic shading GPU, as Nvidia will use full floating point or 128 bits per pixels. Company documents show that the engineers will focus on FSAA in this chip and this is the only way it can double the Ti4600 Geforce 4 by a factor of two.

    The new effects will make all demonstrations excel, and Nvidia is sure to strike a better deal with Microsoft as they kiss and make up and as DirectX 9 is launched.

    If Geforce 4 performance is doubled, we'll be looking at more than 22000 3D Marks - and this would truly be astonishing."

    (the site is slow and in Korean, but the important pictures are in English)

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