Obama Administration Rewrites Conscience Protections for Health Workers

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    According to a new rule released by the Obama administration Friday, health care workers can still refuse to take part in abortions if they find it morally objectionable but they cannot refuse to give contraception.

    After years of debate, the Department of Health and Human Services rewrote the Bush-era Conscience Clause, essentially rescinding most of the rules that protected the conscience of medical workers.

    "The Department supports clear and strong conscience protections for health care providers who are opposed to performing abortions," said the HHS.

    But it added that the 2008 conscience rule that went into effect on the last day of the Bush administration was too broad and caused confusion. It was interpreted to allow medical workers to object to providing contraception, particularly emergency contraceptives that pro-lifers say cause abortion, and to refuse performing in-vitro fertilization for lesbians or single women, among other things.


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